Human right policy
          Thai Rubber Latex Group Public Company Limited is committed to sustainable business growth by adhering to social responsibility and all stakeholder groups in accordance with the principles of corporate governance and the Company's Code of Conduct. The Company is also aware of and pays attention to respect for human rights in accordance with international laws and principles strictly. In order not to cause any acts that will cause violations or affect human rights throughout the business chain, the Executive Committee considers it appropriate to set human rights policies as follows:
  1. The board of directors, executives and employees respect and comply with all relevant laws, rules, regulations, codes of practice, international declarations, treaties and international labor standards and protect human rights in Thailand and internationally.
  2. Apply the principles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP), and The International Labor Organization Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work to business practices in human rights.
  3. Treat stakeholders throughout the business chain in an equitable and equitable manner without discrimination.
  4. Encourage communication and dissemination of knowledge on human rights and human rights policy to stakeholders through the Company's communication channels.
  5. The agency is responsible for overseeing, monitoring, and regularly assessing risks and impacts of human rights, as well as establishing guidelines or measures for risk management, and providing appropriate mitigation or mitigation processes in the event of human rights violations.
  6. Provide opportunities for employees and stakeholders to express their opinions, and report clues, problems, or complaints if there is an act or incident that violates human rights.
  7. The Committee shall investigate the facts and consider the offenses against persons who have committed human rights violations and shall be punished in accordance with the Company's rules and regulations. If fully investigated as the offender, and in the event that such action is illegal, it shall be prosecuted in accordance with the law.
  8. Ensure safety, occupational health and working environment standards are maintained to prevent accidents, injuries and illnesses caused by operations.
  9. The Company requires that human rights performance be reported through the Sustainability Report and the Company's Sustainability Development Website.

Treatment of employees and workers

          The Company recognizes and recognizes the importance of respecting human rights with equality and equality, taking into account human dignity. and the freedom of the person and does not discriminate on origin, race, nationality, skin color, sex, age, language, religion, culture, class, disability, marital status physical status and health status of a person socioeconomic status social beliefs, education, or political opinions, etc., in accordance with the fundamental principles of international human rights law. which must strictly comply with the policy

Customer Responsibilities 
          TRUBB prioritizes curtomer respomsiveness by fostering strong relationships, engaging in close communication, and understanding the diverse needs of customers. The company adapts to produce contemporsry products according to market demands, innovates new ideas, and offers them for sale to enhance the company's product capabilities. Additionally.
 TRUBB manages customer satisfaction in purchasing products and services from the company.

Operational Guidelines
  • Adherenec to conducting operations with honesty transparency and equality towards every customer.
  • Manufacturing delivering, and providing services with products of quality that meet or exceed customer expectations at fair prices. Disseminating accurate information to inform customers about products and services, avoiding misinformation or confusion regarding their quality, quantity or terms.
  • Establishing departments, systems, or procedures to listen to suggestion, feedback, or complaints about products or service. The company promptly considers and implements necessary improvement and corrections.
  • Maintaining customer confidentiality. refraining from disclosing or using it for the company's or other's benefit without consent
  • Cultivating continuous improvement and fostering good relationships to continually benefit customers.
Customer Relationship Management and Development Plan 

          In order to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and foster continuous customer relationships, the company has developed a comprehensive work plan. This plan focuses on consistently delivering customer satisfaction by showcasing excellence in product quality, the conduct of company personnel, and the efficiency of the product delivery process.
1. Product Quality
  • The factory produces products in accordance with specifications outlined by the company and its customers
  • There is a regular review of customer specifications to continually improve and make adjustments according to customer requirements.
  • Quality inspection process in place to verify the product's compliance with specifications before every customer shipment.
  • Dedicated Research and Development (R&D) team responsible for continuous improvement and the development of new products to meet customer needs.
2. Company Services and Personnel Quality.
          The provision of services is crucial and has a direct impact on the quality of service. Service providers have a direct relationship with the service recipients. Therefore, it is essential to emphasize personnel management to ensure that employees possess suitable qualities for service delivery. This includes:
  • Regarding professionalism, employees are expected to dress neatly, maintain politeness, and show respect to honor customers.
  • Training sessions for employees are organized to enhance their knowledge of product quality and sales techniques, aiming to empower them with advanced skills.
  • Regularly providing customers with marketing information, rubber market conditions, and pricing updates.
  • Offering initial technical advice on product usage in case customers encounter any issues.
  • Having experts available to provide guidance and troubleshoot issues related to product usage.
3. Shipping Process
  • Training for delivery personnel on maintaining a neat and polite appearance when interacting with customers.
  • Confirm delivery schedule with customers before proceeding with product shipment.
  • Verify the products and ensure that the documents are accurate before proceeding with the shipment.
  • Product shipment on time.
  • Implement a work schedule and ensuring the preparedness of the transport vehicle
  • Ensure that the transport service vehicle is adequately prepared to meet the transportation requirements in each cycle.
4. Handling Complaints
  • Upon receiving a complaint from customers, the Marketing and Sales department reviews the issues that have arisen.
  • Prepare a customer complaint form, specifying various details.
  • Submit the customer complaint form to the relevant department to investigate the root cause of the issue, including preventive measures.
  • Indicate recurrence of the problem in the customer complaint form.
  • The relevant department returns the customer complaint form to the Marketing and Sales department for completion within 5 business days.
  • The Marketing and Sales department promptly notifies the customer of the resolution.
          In order to monitor and assess customer satisfaction, the company conducts an annual customer satisfaction survey with specific satisfaction targets set each year.
          Furthermore, the company summarizes the results of customer satisfaction surveys and feedback to make continuous improvements to its products and services. This is done with the aim of consistently enhancing customer satisfaction and meeting their expectations.
Summary of annual satisfaction survey 2021, 2022, 2023
Domestic customers
Survey year Goals Operating results
2021 80% 90%
2022 80% 88%
2023 80% 91%
Foreign customers
Survey year Goals Operating results
2021 90% 91%
2022 90% 90%
2023 90% 90%