Code of Business Conduct

Thai Rubber Latex Group Public Company Limited

Code of Business Conduct
           The Company has established guidelines for performing duties of related persons since the employ- ees, executives and the Board of Directors have complied by operating under honesty, integrity, morality, and equality, including equal treatment of all stakeholder groups. The Company has communicated and announced to all employees and executives for their acknowledgment and strictly adhere to such guidelines. The Company’s Code of Business Conduct is as follows:
1. Code of Conduct
  • The Company operates its business under the relevant laws.
  • The Company focuses on anti-corruption in all forms.
  • The Company respects human rights violations.
  • The Company operates its business without infringing any rights or intellectual property.
  • The Company supports and encourages all employees to consider the interests of the organization over their own.
2. Code of Conduct for Stakeholders
  • The Company treats all groups of stake- holders equally.
  • The Company considers the allocation of dividends to shareholders fairly.
  • The Company pays fair compensation to employees and supports continuous development of employees’ abilities.
  • The Company treats customers fairly and has the policy of delivering products on time. There are quality management and fair price consideration. Company confidentiality is maintained.
  • The Company focuses on social and community responsibility. Support