Thai Rubber Latex Group Public Company Limited is aware of the current environmental situation. Which is considered a serious problem into a crisis This affects the quality of life of people in society and the limited natural resources the company has set up an environmental management policy. To be a guideline for dealing with environmental impacts that comes from the Company's business operations and to comply with the sustainable development policy

Energy Management Operation Policy  -->
        Thai Rubber Latex Group Public Company Limited realizes the importance of efficient use of resources and therefore focuses on setting guidelines for all employees. The Company is engaged in in-house energy conservation efforts that focus on the company’s cost reduction goals and energy savings in accordance with government policies. The details are as follows.
  1. The Company will proceed and develop an appropriate energy management system by requiring energy conservation to be a part of the organization’s operations.
  2. The Company will continually improve the efficiency of the energy resource use of the organization and is appropriate for the business. Technology used and good practice guidelines.
  3. The Company will set plans and goals for energy conservation as well as reviewing and improving the target policy and an annual energy operation plan.
  4. The Company considers energy conservation. It is the responsibility of the management and employees of the Company at all levels and everyone who will cooperate in complying with the prescribed measures.
  5. The Company will provide the necessary support. This includes personnel resources, budget, working time, training and participation in commenting to improve energy work.
  6. The Company will strive to comply with the laws related to energy conservation and energy management.

Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Mechanism