Notification No. 9/2023 On Policy for Creditors

Thai Rubber Latex Group Public Company Limited

               The Company shall be strictly obligated to comply with the contracts, terms, agreements, obligations and liabilities that may arise or liabilities that have been incurred to the creditors by adhering to operate the business with the formality and discipline in order to build the credibility for the creditors by not concealing the information which may cause the damage to the creditors.
The Guidelines and Obligations to the Creditors 
               1. The Company shall comply with the terms set forth to determine the rules for conducting business together and in the event that such terms are not able to comply with, the creditors shall be notified in order to find the solutions together.
               2. The Company shall mitigate the receipt or disposal of any benefits that are not in good faith in operating the business with the creditors in addition to the benefits according to the mutual business operating agreement. 
               3. The Company shall report the debt obligations, financial information or relevant information that the creditors should know correctly, completely and on time to the creditors upon request. 
               4. The Company shall give priority to the capital management, cash flow management and debt repayment by arranging a structure suitable for the business operation of the Company's business in order to maintain the credibility with the creditors.
               5. The Company shall act upon on equal and reasonable manner to be based on the receiving the rewards on equal and reasonable manner to both parties. 
               6. The Company shall not participate in the creditors' activities that are contrary to their interests or are dishonest which may cause the damage to the Company.