On Policy to Promote Potential and Sustainability with the Trading Partners

Thai Rubber Latex Group Public Company Limited

               To ensure that the Company has given a priority on building a good relationship and jointly developing the potential for sustainable supply chain management operation by communicating effectively with the trading partners regarding the integrated supply chain management, scheme for potential development, promotion, support and advance the partner companies to have good management together by upgrading the potential of trading partners through the sustainability, social and environmental assessment to achieve the maximum efficiency.
Scheme to Develop and Upgrade the Potential of the Trading Partners
               1. For a new trading partner: The comprehensive assessment criteria to evaluate itself, social and environment issues such as labor deployment, safety, and environment along with the signing for an acknowledgment of business ethics of trading partner.
               2. For existing partners: All new scheme operations for the trading partners to fill in a self-assessment form, social and the environment issues such as labor deployment, safety and environment along with the signing for an acknowledgement of business ethics of the trading partners.
               In case of not achieving the evaluation criteria, the trading partners are required to plan for the adjustment of the operating methods with a clear timeline and report the successful results to the Company.
Performance Results
               To conduct a follow-up and display the performance results of the potential and capability promotion of sustainable business operation with the trading partners on a regular basis in implementing a sustainable supply chain, social and environmental aspects to ensure that the trading partners have complied with the guidelines for trading partners.